Some of the common things we repair daily:


Some of the common things we repair for the motherboard:


About the repair service:


About the diagnostic fee:

In the majority of cases, our repairs are successful- in part because we’re good at what we do, and also because we’re upfront with customers about the chance of success. However, not every hardware/software problem with the device can be repaired.


There’s clearly some issue Easyphix cannot be repaired via observing, and it does sometimes happen that some things are impossible, impractical (e.g. non-availability of replacement parts) or simply uneconomic to fix.


Due to the nature of the service, no diagnostic fee will charge for the normal repair. However, if the customer chooses not to proceed, decline, or terminate the service for any reason before the technician has performed or completed the service, a diagnostic/evaluation fee will be applied. Fee for diagnostic is $50.00; it’s a small fraction of the repair charge and covers the technician’s time and overheads involved in diagnosing the device.


The customer won’t be charged for the quick check-over we give all tablets or smartphones before book the repair job. It’s only if- and when- our technicians have them on the bench for further inspection, disassembly etc. that this applies. This is included in the cost of the repair if the device is successfully fixed.


If there is a problem in the repair process or repair cost exceeds entered, we will contact the customer to update the status of the repair and will ask confirmation about what should we do.


About 90 days warranty:

Our warranty will cover malfunctioning parts were repaired by our experienced technicians. Warranty is exclusive to the parts and/or service that customer acquires, warranty's exclusive to the parts used to repair the customers' device.


The warranty does not cover damage caused by:


Something you need to know:

You are solely responsible for backing up your device data and protecting your data from unauthorized use. Easyphix will not back up or restore your data and is not responsible for lost or corrupted data. If possible, please turn off the Protection (not available in all devices) and remove all Google accounts from your device. Please note that the repair of goods may result in loss of data.


We will try the best to fix the phone, but we cannot guarantee that the phone can be fixed 100% the same with the original appearance. In addition, if the job is cancelled when the phone has been disassembled, we cannot guarantee that the phone can be assembled to the 100% same condition when it was booked in.


We provide no warranty if your device has dents in the housing. If your device has minor dents, we will fix it with no cost, but if you have any major dents, there will be an extra charge. Also, we will honour no warranty even we fix your device dents.


Our standard warranty period is 90 days. Warranty will be based on device conditions and the repair you choose, and that warty time will reflect on your repair receipt.


After finishing the repair job, we will custody 60 days for the reception. That means, if the customer doesn’t claim the device and paid all charges due within sixty (60) days after being notified by Easyphix Pty Ltd that the product has been repaired, Easyphix Pty Ltd will consider the product abandoned. Easyphix Pty Ltd reserves its statutory and any other lawful liens for unpaid charges.


The shipping will charge to the customer after the repair is complete. Postage would be $12.99. We will use a secured Australia Postal service. The shipping will also charge to the customer if the job has cancelled or reject the repair.


We recommend using registered post or a tractable courier service to return your device. For any devices sent to, or received from Easyphix that are damaged in transit, lost, or stolen by the carrier in transit to the customer, an insurance claim must be submitted to the carrier, not to Easyphix. Easyphix is not responsible or liable for loss or resulting damage due to carrier's negligence or theft. Delivery times are estimates only and Easyphix shall not be liable for transit delays