Customer Groups

Conditions Individual Business Pro Master
Retail price - - -
Wholesale prices - Business - - -
Wholesale prices - Pro - - -
Wholesale prices - Master - - -
Minimum monthly spend (3 months review) - $1,000 $4,000 $8,000
Fast warranty service - -
Replacement priority 7 days from received day
(video request)
- - up to $250 up to $500
Physical damaged replacement cover monthly
(excluding service pack screen)
- - -  up to $150 
Change of mind - refund/ store credit 7 days 7 days 14 days 14 days
1 year warranty -replacement
Warranty - store credit in 3 months - - -
Warranty - store credit in 6 months - - -
Warranty - store credit after 6 months - - -
Free Australia Post Standard eParcel over $399 -
Free Australia Post Express eParcel over $499 -
Free Technical support  -
10% extra store credit for broken screens buyback -
Special parts order from overseas office -
Account manager - -
Discount for motherboard repair  - -
Free quality upgrade (out-of-stock products) - - -



  • Business group customers reserve the wholesale price on all the products
  • Pro group customers reserve better prices than business group customers
  • Master group customers reserve the best Easyphix wholesale price


Minimum monthly spend:

For keeping your group at a better level to reserve more benefits, a change of mind purchases will be deducted from the monthly total amount.

  • Business customer $1,000 monthly spending (excluding GST)
  • Pro customer $4,000 monthly (excluding GST)
  • Master customer $8,000 monthly (excluding GST)


Fast warranty service:

Pro and Master customers will reserve priority warranty processes. Once we received the return packages, the EASYPHIX team will preferentially process the return from Pro and Master customers.


Faulty item replacement priority for Pro and Master group customer:

EASYPHIX offer sends a replacement before you return your faulty items.

Please contact us will photo or video evidence in 7 days from the customer receiving the delivery parcel. Once the replacement arrived, please keep the faulty item in the original package and return it to EASYPHIX within 30 days.


Monthly limit amount of the replacement priority:

  • Pro group up to $250
  • Master group up to $500.

Once the item is returned and the warranty is processed, the amount limit will be reset.

In some cases, if the item price is over the group limit amount, the customer will need to pay the gap, after we received the faulty item and finalize it is under warranty faulty product, the store credit will be issued back to your online account.


Physical damaged extra cover:

This program is only available at the Master group level.

EASYPHIX will provide value up to $150 for the replacement of any kind of physically damaged by the master customer. But exclude Samsung original service pack screens.

If the value is over $150, we can offer a $150 discount on the same item purchase.

This program will calculate every month, cannot be accumulated for the next month.


Change of mind policy:

We understand sometimes the items may not be needed after purchase.

-           Individual customers and business customers can choose a refund or credit in 7 days; up to 30 days will be stock credit.

-           For Pro and Master customers, can choose a refund or credit within 14 days. If more than 14 days, pro customers can be issue credit within 60 days. For Master customers, it can up to 90 days.

Any return longer than the days set up for every group, change of mind return won’t be accepted.

The change of mind item return must be unused and kept in original condition, original package will be requested. Any damage or marks on the package, 10% of the original purchase price will be charged.


12 month replacement or repair warranty:

  • For the business level customers, store credit or replacement can be issued within 3 months of purchase. After 3 months, we will offer replacement or repair for the warranty return. For the repairs, costs may apply.
  • For the Pro level customers, store credit or replacement can be issued within 6 months of purchase. After 6 months, we will offer replacement or repair for the warranty return. Costs may apply for the repair.
  • For the Master level customers, store credit or replacement can be issued within 12 months.


For free shipping:

We offer free shipping with Australian post standard when the order is over $399 (excluding GST)

Offer free shipping with Australian post express when the order is over $499 (excluding GST)


Free technical support

Our technicians will provide free technical support, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the repair.


10% extra store credit for broken screens buyback

We offer wholesale customer 10% extra store credit on the broken screens buyback.


Special parts ordered from an overseas office

We offer special orders for some rare repair parts or tools. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.


Account manager

For the Pro and Master customers, one of our team members will be your special account manager. You will have a person take care of you and your business.


Discount for motherboard repair

EASYPHIX offer Pro and Master customers with better price on the motherboard repair.


Out-of-stock item for a free quality upgrade

This service will only offer Master customers. If an item is run out of stock after masters made payment, EASYPHIX offer a free upgrade to the next quality level.

PS: If the out-of-stock is shown on the website, it does not suit this clause.