Explanation of Quality



The cheapest quality on the market, includes standard TFT LCD screens (original screens are usually LCD, such as iPhone 6-8) and better INCELL LCD screens (original screens are usually OLED, iPhone X and above, Samsung A Series, etc.)


High Copy

Copy OLED, cost-effective, not as good as Samsung original AMOLED, but much cheaper


High Quality

Original Self-welded (original components assembled by third-party factories), almost as good as refurbished ones



Only changed glasses on original broken screens



One of the best quality, almost as same as Service Pack. For those models don't have Service Pack, OEM is another choice for customers who are concerned for better quality.


Service Pack

One of the best quality, come with Service Pack packing


EPH Premium

This is the quality we recommend to customers. We choose the best quality parts from suppliers for the most popular models.

For now, we have screens for iPad (EPH Premium), iPhone 6 - 8 (EPH Premium), iPhone X and above (EPH Premium)