Extra Credit

As increasing interests of pre-paid store credit, and after the information collected from customers, we now announce EASYPHIX Pre-Pay program.

Customers will receive 5% extra if they pre-pay in EASYPHIX. For example, minimum amount starts from $5000, and then customer will receive $5250 store credit in the account for in-store purchased, all products available.  

We are all in this together during this tough and special time, and EASYPHIX is always here with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further inquiries.

Store credit is not refundable, minimum is $5000

  • Bank transfer only, and store credit are not transferable between accounts
  • EASYPHIX reserves the right of final explanation, and please speak to us about the terms and conditions.

Furthermore, customer will still receive the loyalty points as normal, so totally can save up to 6% of your spending.