What are unqualified broken screens


We thank you for your interest in our LCD Buy Back and Swapping program.

We are strict in our test; the screens are tested in different colour backgrounds, which help us see any distortion that might only be visible under certain situation. We will look for any sort of water damage. The touch is tested all over via the assistive touch to ensure all parts of the touch screen are functioning properly. For the LCD, working without any lines, dead pixels, hazing, bleeds or discoloration. Our tests are conducted by connecting the broken screens to actual phones. This ensures maximum reliability.


The following categories are considered unqualified and unfortunately not covered by the program.

  • Aftermarket screen
  • Cable damaged
  • Bad touch
  • LCD with screen burns
  • LCD with dim spot issue (grey or black shade)
  • LCD with bright spot
  • LCD with no back light (i.e. no image)
  • LCD with discoloration

  • LCD with ink blotches

  • LCD with lines (lines shown on grey background)

  • Water damage

  • Edge pressure damage

  • LCD aging (yellow screen)


To provide better and more efficient service, we will charge the service fee of $3.00 for each unqualified broken screen, when the passing percentage is below 70%. We hope to forge an effective to speed up the testing process and to refuse costs and time while improving success. We're not turning a profit of this charging service. As we received more and more broken screens, extremely high screen failure rated has seriously affected our work efficiency.