Sell broken glass but working screens


Please read below before submitting selling Request


Dear Customers


We wanted to thank you for being such a great customer. We really value your business.

Please accept this letter as notification of service charge adjustment for the buyback and swapping program.

Recently our test work it become difficult and often delayed. As we received more and more broken screens, extremely high screen failure rates have serious influence on our work efficiency.

Beginning 6 March, 2018, we will charge service fee of $3.00 for each unqualified broken screen (What are unqualified broken screens), when the passing percentage is below 70%. We hope to forge an effective to speed up the testing process and to refuse costs and time while improving success.

Avoid service charges, the method for identify the broken screens will post on the website for your reference.

We hope for your understanding and further cooperation. As always, you and your business are important to us, if you have any issue with this, please contact our office at 1300 366 136. Customer service will be glad to help you.


Sell your broken / damaged screens to EASYPHIX

Don't know what to do with broken screens? Now we buy them for Top Dollar!

Getting CASH and reducing your carbon footprint has never been easier for you!  You can make extra profit from repairs while helping the environment by recycling and reducing mobile phone pollution!

Below are the models and prices we buy at the moment. (Price is listed in AUD)

To avoid price problem, we suggest guests to fill in the request form before sending broken screens. All prices will be as quoted by the date you fill out the form.

If we didn’t receive the form, quotes are priced as of the current date.

Please print out your completed form and attach it to your parcel. We will contact and confirm the model and quantity after your parcel arrived, in order to avoid the deviation in the amount.


Do NOT put stickers on broken screens please.

Models (OEM only) Grade A Grade B
iPhone 11 Pro Max $30 $15
iPhone 11 Pro $25 $15
iPhone 11 $8 $5
iPhone XS Max $40 $25
iPhone XS $25 $10
iPhone XR $8 $5
iPhone X $30 $15
iPhone 8 Plus $4.5 $1.8
iPhone 8 $2.7 $0.9
iPhone 7 Plus  $4.5 $1.8
iPhone 7 $1.8 $0.9
iPhone 6S Plus $1.8 N/A
iPhone 6S $0.9 N/A
iPhone 6 Plus $1.8 N/A
iPhone 6 $0.9 N/A
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus $72 N/A
Samsung Galaxy S10 $63 N/A
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus $63 N/A
Samsung Galaxy S9 $45 N/A
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus $63 N/A
Samsung Galaxy S8 $45 N/A
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge $36 N/A
Samsung Galaxy S7 $9 N/A
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 $54 N/A
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 $63 N/A
iPad Pro 10.5 $22 N/A
iPad Pro 9.7 $20 N/A
iPad Mini 4 $13 N/A
iPad Air 3 $22 N/A
iPad Air 2 $13 N/A

** Web credit 10% extra

Updated 11 Jul 2023


*What We Are Looking For When Testing Screens (unqualified or grade B):
Bad Back-Light
Dead Pixels (Considered DEFECTIVE)
Grey Area (Considered DEFECTIVE)
Lines (Considered DEFECTIVE)
Screen Burns (Considered DEFECTIVE)
Pressure Spots
Touch Functionality
White spots
Water damage
Glass seriously damaged
Back of the lcd scren have screw mark

  Grade A Grade B
White spots No white spots
Aging No aging spots and discoloration Yellow tint, pink mark, grey corner etc.
Water damage No water damage sign, sticker on the back is white
Glass seriously damaged glass slightly broken
damaged mark on the back of LCD No damaged mark
Frame bent No bend
Dusts No dusts under the screen dusts underneath the screen


*OEM or Non-OEM:

OEM screes in this article means those which come from Apple original phones. These broken screens come from phones which have never been previously repaired or only repaired in official Apple stores. Most of replacement screens are Non-OEM screesn. 

Terms and process:

  • Please click the link below to submit the request.
Submit Selling Request

Then follow the instructions below:
  1. Please carefully wrap them and post to: PO BOX 173, ROSEBERY, NSW 1445, AUSTRALIA
  2. It may take up to 14 working days for us to test and we will send you an Email to confirm the payout figure. 
  3. Items fail to meet our requirement will be returned to you or disposed upon your request. Customers are responsible for all return postage costs on buy back screens.
  4. When a final agreement has been confirmed, we will put credit in your website account or any other payment arrangement which you can request.